We are Experts for Soft Skills

We incorporate Skills
in Businesses – in People

We are your Partner for Professional Trainings
...in Germany and abroad
Tobias Nitzschke
Tobias Nitzschke

„We achieve high performance primarily
through our attentiveness.”

14 Locations in Germany
14 Locations in Germany

More than 60 trainers and experts
in your area

We are Experts for Soft Skills

We incorporate Skills
in Businesses – in People

We are your Partner for Professional Trainings
...in Germany and abroad
Tobias Nitzschke

„We achieve high performance primarily
through our attentiveness.”

14 Locations in Germany

More than 60 trainers and experts
in your area


International team of experts

It is the trainers that shape the success of training programmes – as shown in one of the most extensive studies on learning success. Nitzschke GmbH works with a team of about 130 trainers both in Germany and abroad who are guided in their respective areas of deployment by trainers of our core team. This way, we have flexible capacities at our disposal and at the same time guarantee the highest level of quality.

Nitzschke trainers have undergone a challenging selection process and were intensively trained in our effective training concept. Regular quality audits as well as continuous trainings and supervisions ensure that our high standards of quality and performance are met both domestically and abroad. For global, customised in-house trainings at all your business sites.

Introducing our core team:

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  • Nitzschke, Tobias (MM.)

    Nitzschke, Tobias (MM.)

    Business Psychologist, Coach and Mediator

    Main Activities: Expert on Social Skills (Soft Skills) in Businesses, Leadership and Negotiations, Establishing Elite Training Grounds in Businesses, certified acc. to DIN 33430, Master of Mediation (MM.), Specialist for Education and Intergenerational Communication, Research in Knowledge Transfer

  • Aktürk, Lokmann

    Aktürk, Lokmann

    Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte: Kommunikations- und Vertriebstrainings, Servicekräfteschulungen und Personalcoaching

  • Baake, Claus

    Baake, Claus

    Sales and Personnel Trainer

    Main Activities: 
    Coaching for Professionals and Executives, Individual Resource Building, NLP to Go, Site-by-Site Coaching, Video Analysis, Sales and Communications Training

  • Behder, Alexandra

    Behder, Alexandra

    Business Coach, Natural Health Professional for Psychotherapy

    Main Activities: Long-standing Job Experience in the Retail Sector as an Executive and Personnel Developer, Educational Assistant 

  • Duhr, Julia

    Duhr, Julia

    Educational Scientist, Trainer and Coach

    Main activities: Expert on Personnel Development and Team Learning, Presentation, Communication, Stress Prevention, Coaching and Training for Developing Selected Social Skills

  • Feser, Maximilian

    Feser, Maximilian

    Business Psychologist, Trainer and Mediator

    Main Activities: Psychology-based Selling, Customer Contact, Psychological Consulting, Personality Development, Social Skills and Communication, Conversation Techniques, Resilience/Attentiveness (Stress Management, Prevention of Mental-Health Problems)

  • Frey, Ruben

    Frey, Ruben

    Certified Cheese Sommelier and Professional Trainer for Service Counters

    Main activities: Expert for Service Counters and Cheese, Strategic Development of Service Counters, Counselling of Speciality Markets, Communication and Service Trainings

  • Fuchs, Matthias

    Fuchs, Matthias

    Brand Coach, Sales and Distribution Strategist and Trainer

    Main Activities: Conception and Development of Sales and Distribution Strategies, Brand Development, External Innovation, Sales Trainer, Sales Rhetoric, Personality and Etiquette 2.0

  • Führing, Jochen

    Führing, Jochen

    Executive, Trainer and Coach

    Main Activities: Expert on Skills Trainings with Main Focus on Trade, Conducting of Training and Coaching Measures in Leadership and Distribution, Sales Trainings “on the job”, Training of Junior Managers, Instructor's Licence

  • Godina, Bojan (PhD)

    Godina, Bojan (PhD)

    Behavioural Scientist, Autonomy Trainer, Trainer

    Main Activities: Coaching and SFI Consulting, Individual Psychological Consulting, Visual Communication, Media Education, Autonomy Training, Multidimensional Personality Development, Educational Diagnostics

  • Godina, Katy

    Godina, Katy

    Consulting Psychologist, Autonomy Trainer, Trainer

    Main Activities: Expert for Social Skills, Personality Development, Individual Psychological Consulting, Autonomy Training, Communications Training, Master of Science (M.Sc.), Changes in Corporate Culture

  • Haußmann, Rainer

    Haußmann, Rainer

    Business Trainer, Personnel Coach and Relaxation Therapist

    Main Activities: Communication and Sales Training, On-/Off-the-job Coaching of Experts and Executives, Resilience and Health Trainings, Hypnotherapeutic Facilitation, Mental Coaching

  • Heinrich, Georg W.

    Heinrich, Georg W.

    Coach, Certified Nursing Pedagogue, Personnel Development

    Main Activities: Expert for Open Space Events, Customer Contact Facilitation, Peer Consulting and Dialogue Procedures as well as Health Management and Prevention Instructor

  • Hempelmann, Mark (Dipl. Kfm. M. Div.)

    Hempelmann, Mark (Dipl. Kfm. M. Div.)

    Economist, Mediator and Theologist

    Main Activities: Expert for Didactics, Mediation and Training, Implementation of Knowledge Management Structures, Promotion of Communication Culture, Solution of Interoffice Conflicts, Presentation and Argumentation in Stressful Situations

  • Heps, Eberhard

    Heps, Eberhard

    Trainer and Instructor

    Expert for Career Consulting (i.e. Business Administrator Trade), Programmes for High-School Graduates, Learning Support and Facilitation

  • Herrmann, Joachim

    Herrmann, Joachim

    Trainer, Sales Coach and Instructor

    Main Activities: Expert for Sales and Purchasing Training Programmes, Project Management, Referral Marketing, Trend Research

  • Jacobs-Limon, Natascha

    Jacobs-Limon, Natascha

    Assistant to the Management, Back Office, Project Management

    Main Activities: Business Psychology, Project and Topic Development, Project Management and internal/external Coordination, Academy Management and Trend Analysis

  • Kattwinkel, Guido

    Kattwinkel, Guido

    Certified Pedagogue, Instructor and Trainer

    Main Activities: Expert for Rhetoric and Presentation, Certified Education, Coaching, Selected Social Skills Training, Instruction of Instructors, Training of Executives

  • Kesmez, Selim

    Kesmez, Selim

    Trainer and Coach

    Expert for Interoffice Communication and Conflict Prevention, Rhetoric Trainer and Presentation Coach

  • Kisser, Reimund

    Kisser, Reimund

    Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte: Kommunikations- und Vertriebstrainings, Beratung und Begleitung von KMUs,
    Servicekräfteschulungen und Personalcoaching mit Schwerpunkt physische und psychische Gesundheit.

  • Lünnemann, Claudia

    Lünnemann, Claudia

    Business Coach and Trainer

    Main Activities: Expert for Strategic Networking, Rhetoric and Presentations, Strategic Text Structuring, Business Coaching, Target-, Time- and Self-Management (also Site-by-Site), Communication Training and Trainings for Executives

  • Luther, Dirk

    Luther, Dirk

    Trainer for Sales and Service

    Main activities: Expert for Service Counters, Professional Trainer, Strategic Development of Sales Personnel, Site-by-Site Coaching on the Spot, Hard Selling with Long-term Customer Loyalty, Counselling of Speciality Markets

  • Mandt, Simon

    Mandt, Simon

    Operational Health Manager, Sales Coach and Trainer

    Main Activities: Expert for Operational Health Management, Burnout Prevention, Implementation of Burnout and Stress Prevention Trainings and Coachings, Sales Coachings on and off the Job

  • Mettchen, Peter

    Mettchen, Peter

    Certified Business Economist, Trainer, Examiner at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

    Main activities:
    Instructor of Instructors, Sales and Marketing Consulting, Expert for Setup and Realisation of Holistic Marketing Concepts, Marketing Consulting for Health Care Facilities, B2B Communication

  • Milano, Katharina

    Milano, Katharina

    Trainer, Coach and (Strategy) Consultant

    Main activities: Expert for Coaching, Consulting, Process Optimisation, Strategy Consulting, Change Management, Team Development, Training in Selected Social Skills, Trainings for Executives, Data Privacy

  • Narjes, Nadine

    Narjes, Nadine

    Pharmaceutical Technician, Professional Trainer and Consultant

    Main activities: Preparation for the Certificate of Proficiency for Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals, Expert for Pharmaceuticals, Enhancement of Customer Contact, Various Professional Trainings

  • Nowak, Bianca

    Nowak, Bianca

    Back Office, Project Coordination

    Main activities: Project Organisation and Coordination, Trainer Manpower Planning, Internal Coordination, Arrangement of Dates and Resource Securing, Overall Management

  • Rubcheva, Rosina

    Rubcheva, Rosina

    Trainer and Psychological Consultant 
    Main Activities:
    Instruction of Instructors, Communication Training, Dialogue Conflict Prevention, Nonviolent Communication in Practice, Resilience Training

  • Sarcevic, Dario

    Sarcevic, Dario

    Psychological Consultant and Trainer

    Main Activities: Social and Interpersonal Skills Instruction, Communications Training, Mediation and Conflict Management, Psychology in Personnel Management, Feedback and Dialogue Culture, Training of Executives

  • Sallin, Linda

    Sallin, Linda

    Trainer, Communications Coach and Mediator

    Main Activities: Expert for Skills Development, Seminars Customer Contact / Body Language, Sales Trainings, Communication Skills, Leadership and Skills Seminars, Personal Coaching, Intercultural Trainings, Instructor

  • Sauer, Aloisia

    Sauer, Aloisia

    Certified Business Economist (UAS), Business Mediator

    Main Activities: Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Trainer for Business Communications, Start-up Consulting, Moderation of Exchange of Information Groups, Business Mediator, Instruction of Instructors, Copywriter and Author 

  • Schneider, Arthur

    Schneider, Arthur

    Trainer, Learning Expert and Coach

    Main Activities: Trainer and Coach for Speed-Reading, Learning Expert, Instruction of Instructors, Communication Coach, Conception and Realisation of e-Learnings, Webinar Speaker, Personnel Training

  • Schneider, Steffanie

    Schneider, Steffanie

    Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte: Trainerin für Kommunikation und Konfliktmanagement,
    Innerbetriebliche Mediation und Streitschlichtung.

  • Schröer, Pascal

    Schröer, Pascal

    Educational Scientist, Trainer and Mediator

    Main Activities: Hierarchy Expert for Distinct Top-Down Structures Free of Conflict, Mediation Skills, Seminars with Psychotherapeutic Modules for Executives, Soft Skills

  • Siegmund, Tanja

    Siegmund, Tanja

    PR Consultant and Management Coach

    Main Activities: Extensive Expertise in Communications Consulting, Executive Coaching, Strategic Corporate Communications, CEO Communications, Change Communications, Media Trainings, Crisis Communications

  • Sonneborn, Patrick

    Sonneborn, Patrick

    Communications and Personnel Trainer

    Main Activities: Communications and Project Management Trainings, Instruction of Instructors, Enhancement of Individual Resources, Personality Tests and Analyses

  • Specht, Silke

    Specht, Silke

    Coach, Trainer, Systematist

    Main Activities: Specialised Personnel Development through On-the-Job Measures, Expert for Dialogue Marketing and Communications, Trainings for Executives with a Focus on Motivation and Commitment, Advancement of Female Executives, Instruction of Instructors

  • Spiller, Jennifer

    Spiller, Jennifer

    Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte: Organisation und Koordination von Projekten, Trainereinsatzplanung, Interne Koordination und Abstimmung, Terminabstimmung und Ressourcenabsicherung, Gesamtmanagemen

  • Sterner, Andrè

    Sterner, Andrè

    Trainer und Didactics Expert

    Main Activities: Expert for Memory Training, Personality Development, Support of Trainees, Trainings und Coachings with a Focus on Stress Prevention, Communications and Personnel Management

  • Velasco, Kirimo

    Velasco, Kirimo

    Qualified Lawyer, Trainer and Mediator

    Main Activities: Expert for Negotiation and Communication Skills in Businesses, Negotiation Coachings and Briefings, Commercial Law, Business Mediation, Training of Executives

  • Voss, Astrid

    Voss, Astrid

    Trainer, Coach and Consultant

    Expert for Communications, Change Management and Talent Enhancement

  • Zaucker, Karin

    Zaucker, Karin

    Certified Business Economist, Trainer, Business Coach

    Main Activities: Communications Training, Intensive Time, Self-Management and Workplace Organisation Programmes, Motivation and Commitment, Individual Talent Management through Coaching and Mentoring


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