We are Experts for Soft Skills

We incorporate Skills
in Businesses – in People

We are your Partner for Professional Trainings
...in Germany and abroad
Tobias Nitzschke
Tobias Nitzschke

„We achieve high performance primarily
through our attentiveness.”

14 Locations in Germany
14 Locations in Germany

More than 60 trainers and experts
in your area

We are Experts for Soft Skills

We incorporate Skills
in Businesses – in People

We are your Partner for Professional Trainings
...in Germany and abroad
Tobias Nitzschke

„We achieve high performance primarily
through our attentiveness.”

14 Locations in Germany

More than 60 trainers and experts
in your area


Range of Services

We support your business in finding tailor-made solutions for your needs. Your specific goals are very diverse – and so is our extensive range of services. We always find the right solution.

Please check the following quick reference to see which services might interest you. Please also use our free and non-binding counselling service so you may accomplish your goals in the way that is optimal for you.


You want to equip your experts and executives with selected soft skills, with regard to the corporate culture and your current goals? You want to motivate and qualify your sales teams or other target groups? And you put great emphasis on deeply intertwining learning contents with a great user experience for trainees?

If so, then our training programmes are the right choice for you. Every training systematically improves the successful conduct in everyday professional situations. We consider ourselves partners of personnel development. We would be happy to illustrate our approach in detail.


You wish to exchange views about an issue with an expert? You want a consultant with an “outside view”, who can put your topic in another perspective? Somebody who accompanies you through change and development processes and brings in outside knowledge?

We advise you on the optimal implementation of change processes and cultural development processes, e.g. reinforcing feedback or management structures or establishing an effective conflict management. Feel free to talk to us.


You are planning an event and are still looking for a speaker who presents your issue in depth, but also lively, pointedly, and with great entertainment value? You want to perform effective professional trainings in an entertaining and striking way?

With us you find speakers who bring the ideal combination of information, emotion and entertainment to your stage. You have a particular topic in mind? Please inquire with us about your individual concept.


You want to facilitate the advancement of selected persons or a bigger group of people in an individual and highly effective way? While achieving overarching goals effectively and recording and processing the relevant respective needs of the individual?

Highly qualified coaches and coaching teams are available to suit your needs – providing the highest quality in Germany and abroad. By the way: Many of our customers combine trainings and coachings, maximising their success.


Your goal is to raise the productivity of your business, organisational unit or teams?

A facilitator is a specialist for significant processes which particularly support people in developing their full potentialities. More and more businesses reduce hierarchy and control structures, and expand their dialogue-oriented structures. Facilitation helps teams in projects and development or change processes to develop to their full potential – with joy and commitment.

Find out about the new process and feel free to talk to us.


You want your employees to benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of others? You want to give executives or sales and distribution representatives the chance to instantly exchange their views on specific situations in order to reach ideal solutions quickly and effectively?

Our mentors are top executives and experts in key positions. They impart hands-on knowledge – for every level of competence and hierarchy. In personal meetings or by telephone, our mentors develop effective solutions with their mentees. Whether young executives or the highest levels of management – our pool of top-class mentors guarantees that you will always find the matching mentor with the right knowledge, experience, and personality.


You want conflicts in your business to be resolved efficiently and according to a positive and success-oriented corporate culture? You want to deeply incorporate a professional and constructive way of handling conflict? Or maybe you want to solve an acute controversy as quickly as possible?

Then three of our services might interest you:

  • 1. We perform a mediation process in your business and solve a pressing conflict.
  • 2. We train a selected group of people to become mediators.
  • 3. We train and install mediation skills in your business.

Trust in our expertise and experience as leading provider of professional trainings in the field of Mediation. Should this field of service generally be of interest to you, you may find further information on the website of our subsidiary: www.mediationsbuero-deutschland.de.

Team development

You wish to effectively use your teams resources? You want to have teams with clear interaction, with a focus on the customer? Teams that are lead authentically and have clearly defined goals they look to achieve? The issue of “agile leadership” becomes more and more important?

Please make us of our extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of team building, team development and agility (lateral leadership).

Personnel assessment and selection

You wish to sustainably optimise your personnel assessment and  personnel selection? And you want to make sure the processes that are implemented deliver relevant results and valuable information for an individual personnel management? You want reliable processes for diagnosis and the assessment and development of  your employees?

We are DIN 33430 certified for professional proficiency assessment. We offer optimised and highly efficient processes for your needs. We are happy to audit your current approach.

Corporate health management

In the past years, corporate health management has evolved and adapted to the requirements of the present time. Is it important to you, to fully realise your business's potentials and be up to date?

Talk to us and make use of our free and non-binding initial consultation. Afterwards you may optimally asses which of the many implementation options is the right one for you.

Change management

The successful management of the more and more frequently occurring change processes has been identified as one of the most important development issues in businesses. You, too, want to optimally initiate and implement change processes? In the process, it is important to you that all concerned parties participate and demotivation is eliminated in a professional manner?

From us you receive a wide range of holistic strategies and methods, put together according to the latest findings in change research. Our extensive field experience is put to use in each of our assignments. Please contact us and profit from our free and non-binding initial consultation.

Instructor training

You want to find trainees and/or apprentices who are suitable to you and your business? You wish to qualify your employees as instructors and optimally shape the training of your protégés – in a way that suits not only the newcomers, but also your business?

Professional training is one of the central future-oriented fields for businesses. Make use of the extensive skills and experience of the Ausbilder Deutschland experts. Let them show you the possibilities you have to establish your business as a top-level training company. For more information, visit www.ausbilder-deutschland.de.

Experts for branch networks

As a branch network business you want to implement standardised training concepts for all locations. You want a consistently high level of performance in order to strengthen your national or global corporate identity? You want coherent and consistent high performance trainings?

Then talk to us. As experts for branch networks, we know the special demands for success when training under time constraints and when leading from a distance. We are happy to analyse your needs and to develop an optimal training concept with you.


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