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The Nitzschke E-Learnings are characterised by didactic depth. We don't use moderators who work through a script, but experienced experts who act as real role models.

If we do not have an expert with extensive practical experience, we consistently decline assignments. We are convinced that only experts can achieve didactic depth. Therefore, we do not need any presentations or materials from you, but simply a crystal clear learning and competence goal. We will work this out with you and then get to work!

It goes without saying that quality is our top priority. For us, quality means above all: achieving the learning goal.

Production in 5 steps

  1. We work out a clear learning and competence goal with you
  2. We design your e-learnings with our extensive team of experts
  3. After your approval we will create a script
  4. We put together existing building blocks, individualize them and produce new
  5. We provide your e-learning in the desired format

Web-Based-Training (WBT)

We combine video tutorials, audio lessons and e-books with various tools of modern e-learning technology to create our special web-based training courses. The participants acquire knowledge and immediately receive repetition and transfer exercises.

Product variety

We design the optimal e-learning for you and use a variety of products.

Webinar Technology

We record in our own studio. Five webinar platforms are available to our customers. We own all licenses and have the right technology for your needs.


We work with 70 coaches in the core team and a total of 120 coaches in the extended network. We have experts for (almost) every concern and every level.

Podcasts and Video-Tutorials

In our studio we produce top-class podcasts and video tutorials. We use the following for our clients: studio recordings, practical case presentations (with actors if desired), interactive videos, real-life recordings, e-testings, open-screen and animations.


We create digital learning information of any size.

Wikis and Consulting

We create wikis or/and advise you on the digital transformation. Here, experts with doctorates and extensive field experience are at your side.


We combine gaming and learning for selected project goals.

Interactive videos in our e-learnings

Here you can see a small excerpt from a production for a negotiation training.

The videos are interrupted at certain decision points and the learner is given the opportunity to select several options. The learning video will be continued accordingly. This interactivity leads to increased learning performance and practical relevance. It depicts complexity.

Here in the video the click is done automatically.


Troubleshooting videos in our e-learnings

Here you can see a small excerpt from a production for critical discussions. The learners receive an observation sheet via download and have the task of identifying as many errors as possible from the real situation shown.

This is followed by the processing and anchoring of optimal behaviour.

This video variant is ideal for initiating self-reflection and avoiding your own mistakes in the short term.

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