First class e-learning
First class e-learning
Draft is what counts

Employee motivation in difficult times

Effective and sustainable activation and appreciation.

Learning Objectives

  • Transformational leadership in stormy times
  • Collecting employees correctly under tension and pressure
  • Formulate corrective feedback in an appreciative and constructive manner
  • Use positive feedback (praise) to strengthen
  • Preparing role model behaviour and action strategies
  • Always identify new touchpoints to the team
  • Deescalate emotional conversations
  • Setting boundaries with empathy
  • Avoid silting up, ensure sustainability


  • Chapter 1: Transactional vs. transformational leadership
  • Chapter 2: Conversational cybernetics for pressure moments 
  • Chapter 3: A formula for sustainable feedback
  • Chapter 4: Touchpoints Employee retention/acquisition
  • Chapter 5: Handling resistors
  • Chapter 6: Sustainability strategies
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